Buy the large bearing slide racks and compartment boxes manufactured by Durham, typically available on Amazon for a great price with fast delivery.

  • They store sufficient quantities of small parts, both in terms of weight and volume.
  • It's heavy duty equipment, designed for commercial use.
  • Treat them well and they will last your shop for years to come.
  • Download a PDF of our suggestions.
  • If you have questions about using any of this equipment to store fasteners we sell, we are happy to answer your questions, advise which specific equipment to buy, and help you plan your storage system. Contact us

Beware of Amazon suggestions and similar products! Durham manufacturers smaller but identical looking equipment that isn't big enough for professional use. You want 3" tall compartment boxes and compatible racks. Refer to the Durham part numbers below or in our PDF download linked above.

Slide Racks

    4 Drawers w/ Ball Bearing slides.
    • Should cost about $100.
    • Needs four compartment boxes, sold separately.
    • Durham # 303B-15.75-95
    Also worth considering:
    • 6 Drawers w/ Ball Bearing slides. Durham # 321B-95
    • 6 Drawers w/ Locking Door + Ball Barring slides. Durham # 321B-95-DR


      • Compatible w/ all suggested slide racks.
      • Durham # 304-95

        Compartment Boxes

        See PDF download for full list of compartment box options and Durham model numbers.

        • All compartment boxes should cost approximately $30 per box.
        • Sold in cases of 4, but sometimes available individually, especially on Amazon.
        • 24 compartment (Durham # 102-95) and 20 compartment (Durham # 111-95) are the most common and typically hold a full package of our clips. Other configurations have uses for small or large parts, parts you need extra stock of, etc.
        • All compartment boxes are compatible with all of the suggested slide racks.
        • Avoid horizontal dividers, as they are easy to accidentally remove when scooping a large number of parts out of the bin.
        • Replacement shells or compartment inserts are available separately to fix or change your existing compartment boxes.

        Complete body shop setups

        Don't want to build  your own system? Get a complete setup that comes with storage cabinets and bins, a full range of fasteners (and other small parts), plus labeling with pictures, part numbers, and descriptions for easy reordering.