COVID-19 Update #2

We are continuing to focus on mail order as the best way to help our customers restock their clips and fasteners. When on-site visits resume, we will get in touch with all of our regular clients to schedule a visit. Until then, here are ways we've been helping our local shops.

Four ways you can get clips:

  1. Send us a list of part numbers
  2. Order on our new website -
  3. Send us pictures of what you need
  4. Schedule a video call with us to review your bins together.


1. Send us a list of part numbers

This is the easiest way to order if you, your parts manager, or your techs know the clips you need and use.

  • Most items we sell you have one of our labels in the bin, so the part number is easy to identify.
  • Email us a list of the part numbers you need and we'll send back a quote.
  • Email to:

If you don't have our part numbers, we can also try to work with OEM numbers and competitor numbers or competitor labels.


2. Order on our new website

We've been updating our website with online shopping features so you can search for and order your clips and fasteners online.

  • Most common items are already listed online, and can be searched by part number, category, or OEM number.
  • Unfortunately not every item is online, and the process is a bit clunky for large orders, so you may still prefer to send us a list of part numbers instead.
  • We are improving the site and adding new items all the time.


3. Send us pictures of what you need

  • Email pictures to SMS/Texting number available upon request.
  • Send us a close up photo of the clip. We'll identify it and send details back to you.
  • You can also send pictures of our labels, dealer OEM labels, or any slots in your fastener storage system that you want refilled.


4. Video chat with us

If you're not sure what you need, we're here to help. Get in touch to schedule a video chat using FaceTime or Zoom. We'll review your bins and samples with you over video, take an order, and send you a quote to approve.

Most appointments take about 20 minutes.



When will your order arrive?

Great news! Since we are both in Southern California, UPS ground orders typically arrive the next business day.

Expedite your order by completing it before 2pm pacific. Our UPS pickup is around 3pm and we don't want your box to miss the truck.

What about shipping costs?

  • Shipping is free at $200. The majority of restocking orders we see qualify for free shipping.

Can you review the order before it ships?

Absolutely! As always, we will email a quote for you to review. You get to see what you are buying, what it costs, and any shipping costs. If you have questions or want to make changes, just get in touch with us by phone or email.

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