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9327 - Toyota Bumper Clip - 40 Pieces
AV19233 - Honda & Acura Bumper Clip (Short)AV19233 - Honda & Acura Bumper Clip (Short)
9540 - Nissan Fender Clip - 50 Pieces
1605 - Toyota Fender Liner Grommet - 50 Pieces
AV18888 - Toyota Fender Liner ClipAV18888 - Toyota Fender Liner Clip
5625 - 1/4" Shield Retainer - 100 Pieces
9382 - Honda Bumper Clip (Long) - 40 Pieces
Save 96%
1860 - Domestic push type clip
TCL Fasteners, Inc. 1860 - Domestic push type clip
Sale priceFrom $9.20 Regular price$209.00
In stock, 43 units
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AV12693 - 6-1.00x20mm Body BoltAV12693 - 6-1.00x20mm Body Bolt
21202 Toyota enginer cover clip11124 - Toyota Engine Cover Clip - 40 Pieces
AV17121 - 3/16" Split Rivet w/ 7/16" Flange

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9369 - Exterior Body Retainer9369 - Exterior Body Retainer
AV17222 - GM Push ClipAV17222 - GM Push Clip
Auveco Products AV17222 - GM Push Clip
Sale price$8.35
In stock
5648 - 10mm Shield Retainer
Disco Automotive Hardware 5648 - 10mm Shield Retainer
Sale price$7.00
Only 3 units left
5791 - 8x1/2 Trim Screw
Disco Automotive Hardware 5791 - 8x1/2 Trim Screw
Sale price$4.81
Only 1 unit left
5935 - Splash Shield Retainer
AV20632 - GM & Ford Bumper Cover and Fender Shield Clip
1614 - Import Screw Grommet1614 - Import Screw Grommet
TCL Fasteners, Inc. 1614 - Import Screw Grommet
Sale price$9.73
In stock, 7 units
9560 - Weatherstrip Retainer
Disco Automotive Hardware 9560 - Weatherstrip Retainer
Sale price$10.33
Only 3 units left
AV13225 - Plated U-Type Nut
Auveco Products AV13225 - Plated U-Type Nut
Sale price$13.19
In stock, 7 units
9637 - Thick "Pac Man" Shim
Disco Automotive Hardware 9637 - Thick "Pac Man" Shim
Sale price$10.99
Only 4 units left
9325 - 8" Push Mount Cable Tie
AV21015 - Toyota & Lexus Screw Grommet
9202 - Front and Rear Bumper Screw-type Retainer
10595 - All Aluminum Dome Head Pop Rivet - Industrial #56
5609 - Domestic Weatherstrip Retainer
12455 - Import Weatherstrip Retainer
10657 - Weatherstrip Retainer
10663 - Weatherstrip Retainer
15171 - Ford Weatherstrip Retainer
5632 - Fascia Panel Retainer
5602 - 4mm Shield Retainer
Disco Automotive Hardware 5602 - 4mm Shield Retainer
Sale price$7.22
In stock, 6 units
5751 - Wide Range Speed-type U Nut for #10 Screw - Short

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COVID-19 Update #2

Scott Swezey
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Open for business

Scott Swezey
COVID-19 Update from TCL Fasteners

COVID-19 Update from TCL Fasteners

Scott Swezey