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Our warehouse in Southern California is temporarily closed until early July. Orders are still being drop shipped from our supplier in KY.

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All on-site visits are cancelled until further notice. Learn how you can easily order clips and fasteners for your shop.

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9327 - Toyota Bumper Clip9327 - Toyota Bumper Clip
TCL Fasteners, Inc. 9327 - Toyota Bumper Clip
Sale priceFrom $10.26
In stock
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AV19233 - Honda & Acura Bumper Clip (Short)AV19233 - Honda & Acura Bumper Clip (Short)
AV19274 - Nissan Fender ClipAV19274 - Nissan Fender Clip
AV19239 - Honda Fender Liner Clip
AV18888 - Toyota Fender Liner ClipAV18888 - Toyota Fender Liner Clip
Save 97%
1860 - Domestic push type clip1860 - Domestic push type clip
TCL Fasteners, Inc. 1860 - Domestic push type clip
Sale priceFrom $7.00 Regular price$209.00
In stock
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AV12693 - 6-1.00x20mm Body BoltAV12693 - 6-1.00x20mm Body Bolt
AV17121 - 3/16" Split Rivet w/ 7/16" Flange


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AV16782 - Nissan Push-type Retainer
1949 - Nissan Bumper Retainer
AV18265 - Nissan Body Side Moulding Retainer
AV19739 - Toyota Push-type Retainer
9892 - #6 wide range U-Nut
Disco Automotive Hardware 9892 - #6 wide range U-Nut
Sale price$7.59
Only 1 unit left
1835 - 5/16"-18 Bolt Size Extruded "U" Nuts
1284 - Black Rubber With Brass Insert Well Nuts
1319 - USS Flatwasher - 1/4" Bolt Size
12153PK - Blue Ring-type Crimp and Seal Terminal
12152PK - Blue Ring-type Crimp and Seal Terminal
AV18815 - Chrysler Radiator Grille Sight Shield Retainer
AV21792 - Toyota Fender Liner Grommet
Auveco Products AV21792 - Toyota Fender Liner Grommet
Sale price$13.19
Only 1 unit left
Honda & Acura Retainers - Quik-Select II Assortment
Toyota & Lexus Retainers - Quik-Select II Assortment
12805 - Moulding Clip
Disco Automotive Hardware 12805 - Moulding Clip
Sale price$10.07
Only 3 units left
AV18727 - Rivet Industrial #42
AV19516 - 1/4" Split GM Rivet
Auveco Products AV19516 - 1/4" Split GM Rivet
Sale price$15.90
Only 4 units left